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Small business e-commerce product development

Doña Noli, a boutique cigar bar in down town Statesville, North Carolina, needed an e-commerce solution that fit their small budget and large inventory. After two other attempts, the small business owners turned to Steph Sans Lee for a simple and sustainable solution to the e-commerce puzzle that seemed to be unsolvable. Steph Sans Lee … Continue reading Small business e-commerce product development

Content Marketing Tips from a Journalist

Between social media, email marketing and search engine optimization it can seem like content lives and dies in an instant. But, as good marketers know, great content that is relevant and engaging to your audience will live far beyond the “publish” button. Before I was a marketing professional I was a journalism student. Throughout my … Continue reading Content Marketing Tips from a Journalist

Small Business marketing lessons from COVID-19

As small businesses work to apply for loans, connect with consumers from a distance, communicate re-opening, and stay afloat, marketing isn’t always top of mind. But, digital marketing has been the lifeline for many small businesses through this time. I’ve compiled some in-the-moment lessons I’ve learned through consultations, and will update as we continue through … Continue reading Small Business marketing lessons from COVID-19

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