Promoting Content

So, you have found the right platforms for your audience, and are able to build a platform that connects with target populations where they are already engaging. Then, you strategized on the type of content you should create (medium and quality being key). Now, how do you get your content in front of people? 

The key is, as always, dependent on the channel you’re using. But, there are some over-arching strategies that can help accross platforms.

In my personal experience, a good place to start is with industry norms and outside data. Try a week of scheduling posts using best practices for that channel. Then, adjust timing, frequency and content as needed. Collect data along the way for measurable successes. Industry standards may not always work for you, but they are a good place to start collecting your own data and developing your own best practices.

While working on your posting schedule, interact with users online. Reply to every comment, favorite mentions, like status updates, post open ended questions… position yourself as an interactive account. People will learn that they can reach out and expect a response.

Pay attention to how the post looks! Images are key. It is my rule of social media management that every post should have an image. Using resources like Canva and cellphone photos and video are a great way to add quick and easy images. This relates back to writing well. People want their information in short spurts and they want it to be interesting. Images can give the need to know information, or catch someone’s eye.

Not only are images needed, but the words you write are crucial as well. On a Youtube video, for example, saying “watch what happens at this recital” is more enticing than “piano recital.” However, there is a fine balance between click bait and drawing people in. The same with the text on a Facebook post. Do not regurgitate what the preview text says. Have the post text and the preview text compliment each other.

Finally, put your content in front of as many eyes as possible. One strategy is to monitor trending hashtags to see if you have content that will reasonably fit that. #WednesdayWisdom was popular for a while in 2016-17. This could relate to any white paper or blog post! But, it is important to make sure you are investing more in the hashtags associated with your brand and/or the hashtags your followers are using. Don’t forget your target audience in a search for impressions.

This is a lot to handle. A great resource to help remember it all is the Sprout Social Media Checklist and having enough time to keep up with developments in the social media world.

If you’d like assistance in getting your social media off the ground, or ongoing management to take some tasks of your already over-flowing plate, email us!


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