Small business e-commerce product development

Doña Noli, a boutique cigar bar in down town Statesville, North Carolina, needed an e-commerce solution that fit their small budget and large inventory.

After two other attempts, the small business owners turned to Steph Sans Lee for a simple and sustainable solution to the e-commerce puzzle that seemed to be unsolvable.

Steph Sans Lee met with the owners and investors, listened to their immediate needs, short term goals, and long term dreams for their e-commerce capabilities. Two weeks after these initial consultations, Doña Noli had an online store front as well as an easy-to-use e-commerce platform.

What was the key to this success? Listening. Steph Sans Lee was able to take the existing inventory system and build something that integrates seamlessly. So, once the store owners update a product in their store inventory system, it automatically updates on their site.

The solution Steph Sans Lee provided allowed the shop owners to easily manage their own site, cutting the costs of maintenance to allow Steph Sans Lee to focus on the big picture improvements the shop requires as they scale up.

Steph Sans Lee is dedicated to helping small business owners come up with smart, sustainable solutions that fit their business scale now and in the future.